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News                                                                                                                 site update 31.3.2011

28. March 2011 Hey my friends. Sorry that my album release has been delayed by such a long time. The problem is that one always finds something else to waste time instead of continuously working on one project ;-). Anyway, here it is and it is called “Sequence Of L”. I owe many thanks to Julia Rinker for the great cover. Have fun listening to it.

You’ll recognize most of the songs if you have been surfing my sites on YouTube and soundcloud but the ones on my album have been mastered and signed completely.

BTW, my first live act on 26th of March in Erfurt, Klanggerüst was incredible. I am looking forward to my next live act in the same place in three months time. Further information will be coming up when the time has come.

4. December 2010 It is time for a new album! You have to be patient with me though, because it will take some time to master/finish the work on some new, freaking good tracks. ^^ A new cover is in progress as well. It will be another one of the sort I’ve created and used before. I still don’t have a name yet. So far, I’ve thought about names like “Rollercoaster”; “behind the coast”; “For ghetto Love”…but these are just prototypes. Let’s wait and see what time will bring.

7. October 2010 Hello guys, I recently moved to Erfurt and I will begin my studies at the university here soon. I am looking forward to release an album which has an atmospheric style (and ambient). I need to study at the same time though. So it could take a while. Well, that’s it for the moment. Cya.

10. August 2010 My new album is officially out now. Have fun listening to it. I will upload it on “last fm” within the next couple of weeks. Cya.

3. August 2010 Hi there… I have good news for you^^. My fourth album is almost ready to be released/ finished. At the moment, I’m preparing the cover and mastering the tracks. Cya and have a listen. I’ going to try to release it this week.

7. July 2010 Hey my friends. I expanded my “Music” section by adding a link to an “Experimental” section. I have already inserted my first self-made music video there. Have fun to watch and to listen to it.

17. June 2010 `The online shop section is accessible now. If there are problems with spreadshirt or you are unhappy with the logo position, write me and we will find a way. I have updated the “Friends” section too. Have fun. ^^

16. June 2010 Hey guys, I am working on a “Shop” section (for my website), where you can buy shirts with my new logo printed on them. Many thanks to Tim P.! I am not going to earn any money from this so the shirts can be priced as reasonable as possible ;-) Cya.

24. May 2010 I’m glad to (be able to) present you my two new albums, “Depressive Ways” and “Optimism Ways”. Have fun while listening to it or loading it. Write me if you want to comment on the sound/tracks. I would be grateful to receive some feedback.

10. April 2010 01:28 AM I have released my first album at the beginning of this month. It comprises most of my favourite tracks. It’s sort of a “Best of” release.

Currently, I am also working on two new albums, which will include remakes which I’ve never released. However, I am committed to reproduce them and to release them on two separate music albums , each following a different direction in respect to the mood. I can already tell you that one of them will be called “Depressive ways” and the other “Optimism ways”. If you like, you can write me either via email or in my guestbook about which one you would prefer to get released first.

5. March 2010 I’ve finished most of my tests. That’s why I’m able to present you a new song. I’ve spent a lot of time working on it. It might be a bit slow, but that doesn’t matter. ^^

9. February 2010 Finally, I’m able to announce that I’m a happy owner of a Midi-Keyboard “M-Audio Oxygen 49”. Let’s hope that this enables me to work with my PC on a more professional level.

6. January 2010 At first, I want to wish you, visitor, a happy new year. I am currently not working on any music projects. I’m finishing my apprenticeship in the middle of this year. I have to put all my energy to it while music will have to wait.